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Interior Design Consult

Let's walk through your home together, let me see your space through your eyes. Together we will sit down and discuss what steps are needed for your home. We will discuss budgets, function, and ways to  get you loving your home again!


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The Arias team, including our vetted general contractors and partnering architect when required, is able to plan, manage, and deliver a carefully timed finished project down to the final details of decoration.


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One Day Makeover

Find the home you WANT within the home you HAVE! I take your furnishings  and revive it into a sensational new room. A Redesign, involves giving your rooms a new look by  rearranging, repurposing, your existing furnishings in one day.


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Move or Improve Consult

You loved your home when your first laid eyes on it. However you've outgrown it, it has stopped functioning for your family... should you Move or can a renovation give you what you are looking for? Let's discuss and guide you in the right direction


Shopping Services

You need a new lamp, a new rug? Your mantle has been bare since you moved in. You know you need something . But just what that "Something" is, well that is the problem! Establish your budget and I will be on my way to getting you the finished space you've been waiting for!

$225 per hour

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Staging Services

The goal is to identify and eliminate buyer objections before they happen.  In addition, we seek out opportunities for our clients to make key, strategic investments that will pay for themselves.  We guide our clients on how to sell faster.  For more money. 

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